Celebrate Mum

This Mother's Day,
COP invites you to celebrate your wonder woman.

Celebrate Mum

COP founder & designer Jes shares some of her favourite things about mum Tena, an associate pastor of a local church in Wellington. 

Describe your mum in three words.

Jes: Unwavering, compassionate, silly.

What's your favourite piece of advice from mum?
Jes: "Always look at challenges as lessons to learn from and opportunities to refine your character."

What's one thing mum does really well?
Jes: She has a great selfie game and loves a good Snapchat filter! But really, I love that she practises selflessness to a tee and never fails to place the needs of others before her own. She is a woman of action, not just words. Her kindness and generosity never cease to inspire me.

~ Happy Mother's Day to all the wonder women out there ~