COP WOMAN ~ Andrea Courtney

COP WOMAN celebrates passionate and conscientious women doing wonderful things in work and life.

Andrea wears River Shift, size 2

 Who are you and what do you do?
AC: I am a curtain and blind consultant for Carpet Court, and a lover of all things textile.

What's something you've grown to love about your job?
AC: I love working with both fabrics and people and in my job I get to do both, hopefully passing some of that passion on. I love customers' excitement when their curtains are hung and their flooring is installed. It's incredible what difference this makes to an interior.

COP: What's one thing you love about COP?
AC: I love the beautiful quality of fabrics used in COP clothing, elegantly designed clothes that let the fabric speak.

COP: If you could give your teenage self a piece of advice, what would it be?
AC: Never be afraid to experiment with clothing, being creative and learning your own style is so much fun when you're young and it gives your 40-something-year-old-self something amusing to remember.

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