COP WOMAN ~ Miriam Raumati

COP WOMAN celebrates passionate and conscientious women doing wonderful things in work and life.

COP Woman

Miriam wears The Morning Shirt, size 1

COP: Who are you and what do you do?
MR: I'm an insurance professional, based out in Greytown and I live in the cutest little cottage.

COP: What's something you've grown to love about your job?
MR: My job involves helping others get back on their feet when tragedy strikes. I love being there to help make a difference for each person I work for.

COP: What's one thing you love about COP?
MR: I love the quality of the fabric and workmanship that goes into each COP design (this shirt is so comfy to wear!) I especially love COP's commitment to encouraging and giving hope to young people. Oops, that's two things...

COP: If you could give your teenage self a piece of advice, what would it be?
MR: I would tell myself to give things a go, things I don't necessarily think I have a talent for. Also, not to worry about what people think. I've realised people are probably more focussed on how others perceive them than spending their time judging me.